What I’m all About

What I’m all About

My Motivation

Peter and Leslie

I’m a Wife, Mother, Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Massage Therapist and Entreprenuer – in that order!

I am here to help in fighting for healthy families with Individual Training, Fitness Boot Camps, Accountability Groups and much more all from the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME!

I have found that when I put my family’s needs first, mine went to the back burner, then off the stove completely.  In my journey back to me, I am finding that I’m not alone.  We are all trying to do the best by our families and ourselves.  Sometimes that is easier said than done.  My jorney is continuous and I love helping people who are on a similar path.

I’m always up for questions, contact me anytime!!

Email: PureEnergyLifestyle@gmail.com

FaceBook: /PureEnergyLifestyle

Twitter: LRockMihelich

Instagram: PureEnergyLifestyle

YouTube: Pure Energy Lifestyle

For at home workouts you can check out my BeachBody site:

Team Beachbody End the Trend

Your Accountability Headquarters!



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