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Beneficial Foods 1.4 – Spinach

Spinach is thought to have originated in ancient Persia and later introduced to India and China then made it to Europe around the middle ages and travelled with Catherine de Medici from Florence to France when she married King Henry II. When you hear “a la florentine” in a recipe it is a nod to Catherine who is said to have loved spinach so much that she brought her own chefs from Florence to prepare it for her.(3)
Spinach is a cool season crop that loves the early spring and late summer and fall seasons. It tends to grow in sandy soil and pests love it, so there tends to be a healthy dose of pesticide sprayed on the spinach crop. So buy organic when you can, and always wash the spinach you are going to consume very well, even if you buy it in a bag that says “washed and ready to eat.” (3,4)

There are so many reasons to love spinach, it has many health benefits and is very versatile, it can be used in hot and cold dishes to great delight.

Spinach contains so many amazing nutrients such as:

Fiber – 2 grams (g) – 17% DV

Omega 3’s – 138 milligrams (mg) – 7% DV

Vitamin A – 469 Micrograms (mcg) – 105% DV

Vitamin B1 – 14% DV

Vitamin B2 – 32% DV

VItamin B3 – 6% DV

Vitamin B6 – 26% DV

Vitamin C – 24% DV

Vitamin E – 2 mg – 25% DV

Vitamin K – 987% DV

Beta Carotene – 5626 mcg

Riboflavin – .189 mg

Folic Acid – 194 mcg

Calcium – 99 mg – 24%DV

Iron – 2.71 mg – 36% DV

Zinc – .530 mg – 12% DV

Copper – .130 mg – 34% DV

Manganese – .897 mg – 84% DV

Selenium – 1.0 mcg – 5% DV

Folate – 66% DV

Magnesium – 39% DV

Choline – 8% DV

Potassium – 24% DV

Phosphorus – 14% DV

Coenzyme Q10

It also contains only 15 calories, 2g of protein 11% DV, 2g carbs, 45mg sodium. All g, mg, and mcg are based on a one cup serving of cooked spinach. Daily value (DV) percentages are based on 1 cup raw spinach. (1,5,6)

Crazy Nutrient power!!

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