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If all else fails…use your body weight!!💪

Some people only do body weight exercises because they are afraid of “bulking up” from lifting too much weight.  Others don’t do body weight exercises because “it doesn’t do anything.”

Unfortunately both side are WRONG! 

Everyone should incorporate body weight exercises into their health routine in my opinion.

Body weight exercises allow you to check in with your form and make sure you are using correct posture during movements. It also brings you back to basics. As you move through your health journey you change physically, mentally and emotionally. Every small adaptation that happens on a cellular level changes how you sit, stand, carry your weight, etc.  coming back to basics regularly, allows your new body to move through proper body functions and reduces the potential for bad, injury causing habits to form.
Body weight exercises are also travel conducive. If you can’t get to the gym, or are out of town and the hotel “gym” is less than ideal, you can bust these out and know you’re getting a quality workout without any hassle.

Here are 5 of my go-to body weight exercises:

At first sight these can seem real basic and simple, but they are the building blocks for many other things and can always be leveled up. I’ve added some videos to show some progressions, the possibilities are endless!






As always use your head if you plan on starting or changing your workout lifestyle. If you have a lot of health concerns check with your doctor first, if something hurts STOP! 🛑 Make sure you are hydrated and getting in plenty of nutrient dense foods!!

I’ll see you on the other side!!!👊


Squat progression to lift that booty!

Here is the first in a series of workouts progressions.

This is an advancing squat.  It will strengthen your legs, give your ankles and knees more stability and if the form is done properly you will also begin to strengthen your back and abs.

As you do this concentrate on your breathing: breathe out, through your mouth, as you squat and breathe in, through your nose, as your stand. Keep you abdominal muscles contracted (as if you were resisting a punch to the gut) don’t just suck you tummy in, make it work for you!  Also watch your shoulders, pull your shoulder blades together like you have to hold a $100 bill between them 😉

As with all diet and workout plans listen to your body, if something is painful STOP! Always consult your primary care doctor before starting any new workout or diet regime. This video is for information only and Pure Energy Lifestyle and Leslie Rockers-Mihelich cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained from attempting this workout.