Hay Bale Garden (Week ??)

Well, third time’s a charm,right?!?😁

We finally have plants coming in of their own accord! πŸ˜†. For our third round of seed planting we just went straight into the bails with the seeds.  I wanted to see if transplanting was part of the issue. 

The zucchini has done well this time around and will be nice as it drapes over the bail. 

The corn is finally showing signs of life. I was worried that the seeds would not sprout like the second round, but we have 4 stalks going strong now.

The green beans and broccoli have done well, they are from the second planting and survived the transplant.

Our beets are also coming through now, the second planting was a complete dud. 

My lettuce never grew in, but I’m hoping that all the fails are not all me. We do have a tone of birds that have been frequenting our yard.  So I’m wondering if some of the seeds were stolenπŸ€”

We also added a potted tomato plant that has been an over-winter experiment. We took a clipping from one of last years plants and put it in a jar of water over the fall and winter seasons and planted it in a pot this spring. We have only gotten one tiny tomato from it so far but we have a lot of flowers getting ready to bloom!

So far this experiment has been a great learning experience and my whole family is enjoying it. I would call that a SUCCESS! 

Until the next time, keep playing with your food!


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