Week 1 – Hay Bale Garden

So the weather has finally gotten nice enough to start the hay bales and my seeds. 

So for week one of garden prep I have moved my hay bales into place on the south side of our rental. They will be in full sun at least 8 hours every day, so I have chosen plants that can handle the full exposure.

M/E formation

I also placed them in an M/E formation. This will allow me better access to the bales as a whole, and my kids will get a kick out of it because that is their initials! πŸ˜‰ There were suggestions in the book I’m referencing for stacking them or doing a stair step formation. I considered all three options because I have 2 golden retrievers that aren’t afraid to swipe some good produce! But I also have kids that like to climb the bales. In the end I went with this formation because it’s the easiest on many levels and this is my first year so I really want to be able to see what works and doesn’t as far as growing int the bales goes.

One thing I did notice while getting the first layer of fertilizer on the bales is when you go to water them it.. Takes.. Forever! 

Fertilizer and Soaked bales

  I lucked out and have had my bales since October, so they have been moisturizer well over the winter.  But I still watered each bale for a good 4-5 minutes. They soak up water like a sponge and you’re supposed to water them until it runs out the bottom, so if you are going to do this either spend a couple days watering before you start or buy the bales early enough that they can sit out in the elements and let nature do the work for you. 

Close Up of Fertilizer

 So at this point I have spent $30 on 5 hay bales. I got them in October so they were part of my Halloween and Thanksgiving yard decorations and I stacked them along the back side of our rental where the insulation is not great and they helped keep the pipes from freezing this winter. So I’ve gotten a lot of use for $30!

I also spent $8 on a large bags of 10-10-10 all purpose fertilizer. The book says you can use liquid, but I have other planting a going in so the bulk dry mix works for me.

I also spent about $20 on seeds, seed starter mix and a seed starting container.

So, just under $60 all in so far.


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