Coffee Concentrate

I love iced coffee, but have struggled finding a good option since I have had to go dairy free.  I’ve tried many recipes and this is the one I keep going back to.

1 Cup of FRESH coffee grounds (it does make a difference!)

4 Cups filtered water (again! It makes a difference!)

Place in an air tight container.  I use a tension topped jar.  Let sit for at least 6 hours ( I have gone as long as 8)  No more than 12 though, you begin to get the bitterness and you can’t recover from that!!ο»Ώ

Strain the grounds from the concentrate.  I use a nut milk bag.  I have one on hand for almond milk.

Side note:  Put the grounds in your compost or in a plant or just out in your yard.  It is great in the soil!!

Store in a GLASS container in the fridge.  The coffee will stain anything plastic, and the concentrate could develop weird flavors from the plastic.

This will yeild 4 servings of concentrate.

REMEMBER:  This concentrate is designed to be poured over ice and diluted with water and your “creamer” of choice.  DON’T drink it straight, unless you want the worst jitters of your life!!

My favorite combination is a mason jar (YES! I said mason jar!) filled to the top with ice, add concentrate to the bottom 1/4 of the jar, fill 1/4 with full fat coconut milk from the can (it’s thick and creamy and fantastic!) Fill the rest of the jar with coconut/almond milk, add a teaspoon of vanilla and just a pinch of powdered stevia, stir and your good to go!!ο»Ώ

Allof my basic ingredients for iced coffee

I decided to add a Tablespoon(ish) of Full Fat Coconut cream


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